Healing spaces

Healing spaces



When we start a new cycle in our lives, we move to another area or just come back to a place that we had already been there; it’s important to have a healing process. Spaces also keep much energy; like we put feeelings to some places, too. That’s why it’s advisable to have a purifying, request and gratitude  process.

Like when we just bought an item; we like it at the moment, we feel excited and we care about it, so it may satisfy a need or we just wanted it. We instill those happy feelings to the object and it’s more likely that it will last more than if we don’t care about it.

It’s similar to the area we are going to stay a big part of our day, weeks or maybe years; it is advisable that we give good vibes and gratitude feelings to that place because we are going to be there.

What do you need?

  • Relaxing music
  • A candle or incense sticks
  • And much faith

How do you do it?

  • Before entering to the place, you can say some affirmations from inside yourself; about how you would like to feel being there.


-This new place is with me, it protects me, it gives me a shelter for the time I will be here.

-I feel happy living in this area because it provides  security to me.

-People who come by the house feel happy being here.



  • It’s similar to each space in the house( kitchen, bathroom, yard,living room, bedroom…) and with gratitude.

-Kitchen: Thanks because I have a space where I prepare delicious and healthy food.

-Bedroom: Thanks because I can rest here after a working day and my body rest to recharge energy.

  • All of these suggestions should be done with much faith because it will be done (you can also pray and be grateful to that Supreme being for this provided space).


These actions will help you to enjoy your stay in that area; thank for it and care for it with love.

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