Plan your time

Plan your time

Usually, it´s difficult to eat in a healthy way when we don´t organize well our time. That’s why we finish eating something that it´s fast, it’s near us and maybe it’s not so healthy. Because we don´t know how the food has been prepared and many times the pain is not at the moment but later it will be. It’s when we eat some food, it causes pain and we blame it because of our pain, so we decide to take it away from our diet. But we don’t look into why we are feeling bad at that moment. The problem could be from a previous meal and we don´t suspect about that. That’s why I invite you to invest some of your time in planning your meals; this will help you to include healthy habits in your life.

How can you do it?

  • Use half of your day or a whole day if you think it´s necessary to plan the dishes that you would like to prepare.
  • Check your agenda to know if there will be days that you are going to be out all day(in that case, you can prepare something easy to carry with you: like fast food but healthy).
  • Think about if it will be posible to heat your food, have a nice space to eat, open places(I mean because of the smell of the food; if you want fish; that wouldn´t be a good option if you are going to eat in a closed space; it’s important to respect the space of others).
  • Have cut, peeled and prepared all the ingredients you are going to use to cook.


For example: have cut fruit in bowls(ready to go if one day you are in a hurry   and you just    take the prepared fruit and go)-

*you can too prepare different fruit to have mix fruit in a bowl to have variety

*It’s the same with vegetables, green leaves, grains, seeds and dried fruit. All of these should be washed, disinfected or in process of soak(talking about the seeds and nuts because it would be easier for your body to take the necessary nutrients).

*Dried fruit, seeds, nuts and fruit are an excellent option if you have craving for something during the day. There are easier to carry as they take up less space; you can have them in a bowl(a one that you have already at home to reuse the plastic bowls or in bag made from cloth to avoid plastic bags).

At he beggining you can think it would take much of your time and organization to do all of this; but remember that you are preparing for you or your family and you will know perfectly the process of cooking of the dishes. Besides you are going to prepare it with love and it would be obvious in the taste.

You can do it!

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