Keep the high vibrations in your life

Keep the high vibrations in your life

Sometimes, it’s not easy to keep a positive attitude all the time because of the factors that don’t depend on us. Unfortunately, there are some situations that harm us; for example: car accidents, murders, aggressive people, thefts and so on.. despite of those circumstances we should try to keep our vibrations in a high frecuency. To handle better those events, we may work on us every single moment.

Do you already feel the connection with your soul, your spirit?

Do you listen to your real and deep desires?

Note: when you are in harmony with yourself; all  your desires and wishes are not just going to be good for you but also for others. Remember , if you feel great so do I.

Let’s work on it!

The next suggested idea is like visualization(a well-known technique and very effective, too).

Material :

  • Magazines, colorful pictures, nice cut-outs, inspiring phrases
  • Sheet of paper, glue, decoration items(if you want )
  • Being a dreamer

You are going to select pictures that are moving for you; for example : if you see a picture of a person that he/she is at the gym and if you see it everyday; it’s more likely to want to do exercise.  Maybe you would like to get a new fancy car, so you will feel attracted to cars and you will want to look amazing vehicles.  So, the next step it’s to paste all the images that you’ve already chosen on the paper, you can insert some inspiring phrases which are meaningful for you. You can also decorate your vision board as you want. And the next step it’s to put it in a place where you are going to see it many times.

When we see some beautiful pictures that are important for us, we immediately are going to send a sign to our body that we are happy. Relax people  find the equivalent to that happiness or we are going to solve difficult situations in a better way for both parts.


I invite you to do it and if you have some friends  who might like it too, please, spread the word.


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