Pay your debts on time

Pay your debts on time

Many times we forget all the payments we should do, sometimes we receive calls to remind of that and several times we should pay more because the payment was not on time.

And before that all stress wants to appear, there are some suggestions you can try.

  • The well-known method is to jot down all the payments you should do during the month on an agenda. It can be on a paper agenda or electronic agenda or both. So we are going to get reminders before the payment day.
  • You can use post-it , small pieces of paper pasted on places you will read them everytime you pass by.
  • Organize your money in envelopes to divide all the payments you should do. You can label the envelopes to know that it’s not recommended to take that money because it’s already kept for services.
  • A tip for paying happier your debts:
    • When you are in the process of dividing the money you can say positive affirmations in you mind or speak them loud.

For example:

– I am happy that I have a job that allows me to pay all the services I need.

-I give this money in a happy way because I receive something back to help me live in a more comfortable way.

-I make a fair payment because the other person deserves a payment for his service.

-As I give money , money will be back to me.

-As I pay happily all the services I need, people also pay my services in the same way.

-Money is energy and it should flow to continue the process.


There are some ideas you could insert in your life to release from the process of paying debts. I hope they can be helpful.


And if you try them, please share with me.

4 thoughts on “Pay your debts on time”

  • I think you are right the best we can do is to live without debts this way we can just live our happy lives without worring about money and how we will pay so the best is just live day by day pay whatever you need to pay and do not get in debt.

    • ¡hello Rocio! I’m so happy you liked my post and your way of thinking; I agree with you when you say we should live without debst in our lives. That could be an excellent option to live in a financial freedom way. ¡greetings!

  • I think that the best thing we can do is not have debts, so we can have basic needs first.
    If we have debts, which are for necessary progress, for example: starting a business or forming a new home.
    Only then can we avoid a life full of stress.

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